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What clients say
I visited Joan a couple of times for hypnotherapy sessions to focus on two specific areas of my life which were making me unhappy.  One issue involved my weight as I’d packed on a few pounds due to comfort eating and was unhappy about the way I looked but was on a bit of a hamster wheel.  I now eat when I’m hungry, I enjoy my food, I’m eating much more healthily, am back into cooking fresh food (instead of unhealthy convenience foods), I have a much happier outlook to life and more importantly I’ve lost (and kept off) nearly a stone!
Claustrophobia was beginning to seriously affect my lifestyle so I went to Joan Fulton and after only three sessions with her I am now able to relax on trains without imagining the worst is about to happen and I can take lifts too. Joan has a wonderful soothing and reassuring manner and through our sessions she was able to
"talk common sense" to my subconscious mind and "refocus and turn down" my inclination to panic. I may never become a coalminer but I can take part in everyday llife without having to worry about working out alternative routes.
"I attended two hypnotherapy sessions with Joan which were focused on a specific phobia. She explained the process of hypnotherapy and cognitive therapy in an easily understandable way and which was reassuring. Joan spent a good part of the time in the sessions talking about the experiences which had led to the phobia and the effect it had so she understood the circumstances in which the phobia struck and what factors in everyday life might make the phobia feel worse.

The remainder of the sessions was a combination of being hypnotised (a warm, relaxed and very safe feeling) and other behavioural therapies. The effect on the phobia I observed was marked, even after one session and after two has made a massive difference.

In addition to the work Joan did to deal with the phobia, she also spent time addressing general feelings of confidence and positivity which was incredibly uplifting and positive. I came out of the sessions feeling energised and as though I had enjoyed the best night's sleep it was possible to have.

As well as the ongoing effect of the hypnotherapy on the phobia, the general work on confidence has also been of tremendous value.

I would highly recommend Joan and her therapy to anyone whether it is for a phobia, lack of confidence or a specific life skill which someone wishes to master. Her manner is friendly, professional and entirely trustworthy. I cannot recommend the experience enough."
I went to Joan Fulton for Hypnotherapy to stop me smoking. I was very nervous, but Joan was very good putting me at ease. I found it a very pleasant experience. I soon became relaxed, but was fully aware of my surroundings the whole time.
I would have no hesitiation recommending Joan to anyone.
I have no hesitation in recommending Ms J Fulton for Hypnotherapy treatments. I had a series of treatments with her for relaxation and stress management. This was during a very painful time for due to a persistent foot condition. At the time my mobility was considerably curtailed and the condition was having a very negative impact on my day to day life.
I found the sessions to be very beneficial and pleasant. Ms Fulton's manner was efficient, calm, confident and reassuring. I feel it helped my recovery and with my ability to cope with the situation. I would certainly go to her again if I found myself in a smiliar situation, needing encouragemrnt to think positively and to relax.
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